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Our Story

About the Founder

Dr. Elhabib Benlhabib is the founder and CEO of Moroccan Eco-Biologics, LLC (MEB). Growing up in Morocco, for years Dr. Benlhabib had witnessed first-hand the remarkable effects on family and friends who used an all natural “secret family recipe” to promote hair growth. Ultimately, he used the skills he gained from years of scientific study and research to refine the original family recipe, maintaining the key 6 Moroccan plant extracts while incorporating additional natural and organic ingredients including Moroccan argan oil.

Through the Marrák Hair Recovery products, Dr. Benlhabib hopes to aid all of those who may be searching for a natural solution for hair loss or scalp issues or anyone who wants healthy hair and scalp.

Dr. Benlhabib has a diverse scientific background, having earned his MA in Biochemistry in Russia and ultimately a Ph.D. in Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology from the University of Minnesota, USA. Over the years he has gained vital experience in a number of areas of research. In particular, during his years of affiliation with the Department of Dermatology at the University of Minnesota, he was able to gain a tremendous amount of experience in skin biology and skin constituents by performing independent research on neuroimmune interactions in the skin. Dr. Benlhabib has been able to apply his skills and experience to create Moroccan Eco-Biologics and develop the Marrák products and additional all natural solutions for skin and hair issues.

About Moroccan Eco-Biologics

Moroccan Eco-Biologics, LLC (MEB) is committed to produce superior and highly effective natural and organic skin and hair health products in an innovative and sustainable way. MEB’s natural and organic Marrák Hair Recovery products trace their beginnings to centuries-old Andalusian medicinal plant therapy. They have been refined and specially formulated, while preserving the foundation of all natural plant extracts and ingredients to create modern-day solutions for hair loss and scalp problems.

Our one-of-a-kind products promote hair recovery with thick and healthy hair, and feed and revitalize your hair and scalp with natural proteins, vitamins, and essential nutrients.