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I started losing the hair on the top area of my head in high school and it just kept going away from there. Eventually I just started shaving my head once a week. I tried your hair Crème and at first I didn’t see any results so I quit using it. I started applying it again and this time I stayed with it daily and after 4 weeks I’m starting to see some hair growth on the top area of my head. If you try this product follow with instructions and keep with it. - John

I have been using the Marrák Hair Recovery Crème for just over a month and I have been amazed to see new hair growth! My hair is also shinier and has a denser feel. I really love the fresh citrus scent of the crème. And the shampoo I use in the morning shower feels good and rinses my scalp really well. The crème and shampoo greatly complement each other. I love that it not only works, but that it is also a safe, all-natural and organic product that I can feel good about using. - Claudiu

I love the Marrák Hair Recovery Crème and Nourishing Shampoo! It is all based on natural products—no chemicals that can threaten your health. After using the Crème - and shampoo, I saw an immediate improvement in the condition of my scalp (no more redness, itching, and bumps) and my hair has more body and is softer and shinier. Even my hair stylist noticed a considerable improvement in hair growth. I am really happy! - Houda

After using the Marrák Nourishing Shampoo my normally fine, dry hair was immediately softer, smoother, and more manageable. No more fly-aways! After using the shampoo for several weeks, I am still quite happy with the results.Martha

I used to struggle with my 6-year old daughter’s thick, curly hair. I have been using the Marrák Hair Recovery Crème and shampoo several times a week and her hair is now soft, shiny, and so much more manageable. I used to do oil treatments on her hair without success. Now I am really happy and highly satisfied with the results we got from Marrák products. - Khaoula

After using Marrák argan oil on my face only once, my skin wasn’t dry as it had been for the last few years. I couldn’t believe the overnight improvement! Within a few days I could also see an improvement in the texture and firmness of my skin. - Ruth

Before trying Marrák Hair Recovery products, I admit I was skeptical. I was impressed right away by the shampoo, which left my hair silky with a glossy shine. And after using the Crème for just under 2 months, my normally thin hair is noticeably fuller and even my hair stylist commented that she noticed a lot of new hair growth. - Sara