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How does Moroccan Eco-Biologics’ Marrák Hair Recovery Crème compare to other products, including Rogaine (Minoxidil)?

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This is one of the most frequent questions we hear. Hair loss is a common issue for men and women alike, and there are many products on the market that claim to offer a solution. Sorting through all of the claims can be time consuming, challenging, and confusing. In the following blog post, we look at how some of the most well-known types of products compare with Marrák Hair Recovery Crème.

First, let us tell you a bit about ourselves! Our Marrák Hair Recovery Crème is an all-natural and organic hair loss solution. It has passed safety testing showing no negative side effects to use and can be used by men, women, and children of all ages. Daily use of our Vitality Hair Recovery cream can lead to initial hair re-growth results as early as 5-6 weeks, with full results within 12 weeks. Our cream offers long-lasting hair re-growth results. While we recommend continued use of our cream and shampoo to support hair health, unlike other products, discontinued use of our products will not result in rapid hair loss.

Rogaine is arguably one of the most commonly recognized hair loss treatments. However, many people are not aware that Rogaine (Minoxidil, a drug to re-grow hair) is a harsh chemical that can cause a number of side effects, and the products carry warnings against exposure to pregnant women and children. Rogaine must be used twice daily, and users must continue to use the products as long as they want to maintain their hair growth. As stated clearly on their website, if users stop using Rogaine they will lose their newly re-grown hair and look the way they did before using Rogaine.

Numerous other products on the market may claim to “improve hair growth” or “reduce hair loss.” While there may seem to be only a subtle difference between a claim to “reduce hair loss” compared to a claim to “re-grow lost hair”, it is in fact an important distinction. For products claiming to “improve hair growth” or “reduce hair loss”, these effects will be seen only in the user’s EXISTING hair. Some of these products may reduce or slow hair loss, but will not re-grow lost hair. Marrák Hair Recovery Crème, in addition to stopping hair loss, will RE-GROW lost hair—resulting in previously lost hair growing back.

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In recent years there has been a huge surge of interest in natural and organic products. It is important to note that not all “natural” products are created equal! Many “natural” products on the market may have limited naturally-derived ingredients, but can still contain undesirable and potentially harmful chemicals. For example, there are many shampoo brands that claim to be “natural” but contain sulfates—a chemical that can contribute to hair loss. Our ingredients are ALL natural and organic. You won’t see any difficult to pronounce chemicals listed on our labels! Additionally, we have perfected production methods that result in the highest quality product that is comparable with the quality of conventional products on the market. While many natural/organic products have a limited shelf life of 6 months, our products have an extended shelf life of at least 2 years.

In short, Marrák's products provide an all natural and organic, safe, effective, long-lasting solution for hair loss that has previously not been available on the market. Whether you have tried and been disappointed with other hair loss products or have just begun your search for a hair loss solution, we know that like so many others, once you try arrák Hair Recovery Crème and Nourishing Shampoo, you will not be disappointed.

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