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The “Squeaky Clean” Myth

Posted by Elhabib Benlhabib on

As consumers, we are inundated by advertising propagating the idea that thick, foamy suds equals clean. We are sold on the image of a head full of thick shampoo lather that will get our hair “squeaky clean.” But what if I told you that those seemingly luscious suds (and the detergents behind them) were actually harming your hair and scalp?

Sulfates (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate being one that is commonly used) are detergents and foaming agents used in most conventional shampoos today. Sulfates have been proven to strip hair of its natural moisture and oils, which can cause hair to become dry and brittle and even actually contribute to hair loss. So having “squeaky clean” hair actually means that your hair has lost the vital natural oils that are necessary for healthy hair and scalp. In fact, sulfates can be so damaging to hair and skin, that dermatologists will use sulfates to create skin irritation in order to test products made to relieve that irritation. A concentration of just 1% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate can be used to generate irritation on skin, yet conventional shampoos can contain concentrations of 10-15%.

As consumers have become more aware of the truth about sulfates, more and more have turned to sulfate-free shampoos as a healthier option. Our Marrák Nourishing Shampoo is sulfate free (and thus low-foaming), formulated with all natural and organic ingredients that provide a different and healthier cleansing process compared to conventional shampoos and conditioners. With the use of most conventional shampoos and conditioners, you are first stripping your hair of its natural oils and moisture with sulfate-laden shampoo, and then using thick “fatty” conditioners that coat the hair to give the appearance of smoother, shinier hair. Our shampoo nourishes and conditions hair naturally to actually improve hair health and quality. We’ve heard from many of our customers who have experienced a dramatic change to their hair after using our products—smoother, shinier, fuller, healthier hair. As the hair’s natural healthy state is restored, many find they no longer require some of the styling products they had used previously (such as gels, smoothing creams, leave-in conditioners, etc.).

Convinced to give up sulfates, but concerned you’ll miss those lavish suds? One solution is to use a foaming hand soap dispenser. Simply add the shampoo to the dispenser and dilute with water (we’ve found a 1:1 ratio works well with our shampoo) to generate a thick lather.

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